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We have all learned rituals as part of our Jewish upbringing and/or education, but until recently, available rituals have not always described important moments and milestones in women’s lives or captured the breadth and depth of milestone experiences for all women.

At the Jewish Women’s Center, we have created new rituals and adapted traditional ones in order to express fully our members’ experiences of personal milestones in their lives.


Times of joy are moments for celebration. The Jewish calendar provides almost monthly occasions for us to commemorate a holiday, to acknowledge an important event in Jewish history. In addition, each of us has joyous times in our personal life. An engagement. A marriage. A birth with its Brit Milah or Simchat Bat. A special birthday. Any simcha that you would like to mark with meaningful words and ritual, witnessed by family and friends. 

This section of our website includes ceremonies and rituals in the lives of our members. You are welcome to use them for your own simcha. Integral to any simcha are the words of the She'he'chey'yanu:

N'va'reych et ma'yan cha'yey'nu
she'he'chey'yanu v'ki'ye'manu v'he'ge'anu
laz'man hazah

Let us bless the flow of life
that revives us, sustains us, and brings us
to this time.

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